Defenders #1

I’m assuming that if you’re going to watch the Defenders on Netflix then first you must purchase this comic book series so you can find out what the series is going to be about. That’s how they get ya!

So we begin with some hot-shot drug dealer who looks more like someone who works in finance than drug dealing, and he is being pretty pathetic and trying to impress some ladies.

His plan to get laid goes awry when a mysterious man in a hat and trench coat shoves some laundry detergent down his throat, which kills him. Spoiler. Should have said that first.

Mystery man kills this guy with laundry detergent because the finance guy was selling to drug-users and it was killing them…I think. That’s not explicitly said but since finance guy was killed by the laundry detergent I can only assume. So this mystery man is some Robin Hood of sorts. Killing drug dealers and saving drug users.

Oh! I forgot to mention, he dropped some FUCKING DIAMONDS on the finance guys dead corpse before walking out unscathed as a security guard just stared with his mouth open.

That was the prologue, now we’re being reintroduced to Luke Cage. Oh my gosh I’m just realizing, did Nick Cage steal his name?!

So yeah anyways there’s an explosion right away and Cage (Luke, not Nick) saves two little girls, blah blah.

VEERRYY CONVENIENT because one of the little girls was just asking where Jessica Jones and it seemed that Mr. Cage did not want to answer that question.

Oh and there’s diamonds.

On the next page we find out where Jessica is and she’s been shot and so she’s in the hospital. We also find Daredevil hanging out in the ceiling waiting to jump down. Like imagine what he’s doing that whole time just waiting for Cage to walk in. He literally burst down from a ceiling tile. He was just waiting in the rafters. What kind of free-time does a superhero/lawyer have?

Daredevil informs Cage that he was also attacked and then Iron Fist slopes in after an attack he had as well. After one minute of trying to figure out who is attacking all of them Jessica wakes up and says it was Diamondback. The problem is, he’s dead. The good news is the hospital staff bursts into the room because the heroes set off a bunch of security alarms. I am at least happy that they’re monitoring their ceilings for uninvited occupants.

And, I have just turned the page and am now crying happy tears because the Black Cat, Felicia Hardy, is somehow going to be involved in this. YAY!

Luke Cage is the first to find Diamondback and they start beating the crap out of each other while Black Cat watches in horror. It turns out Cage isn’t strong enough on his own to defeat Diamondback, and his pals are at the bar thinking about teaming up. I think when they find out their best friend got beat up they will seal the deal.

Oh my this was good. I very much enjoyed this book and I like getting to know characters that are not as popular as others. I guess I’ll be following up with #2 and binge watching their netflix series this August.





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