I just started watching Invincible yesterday and I already watched all 7 episodes out now. It is safe to say that I am obsessed with this show. I read the comic a few years ago and then fell off of reading it. I can’t wait to go back and re read everything now! The tvContinue reading “Invincible”

Hit Girl Season Two Issue #9 Recap

Hit-Girl is finally going to India! I don’t know why I said that. It’s not like we were waiting for her to go to India. Or were we? I digress. Another banger in season two this time from Peter Milligan and Alison Sampson. Kevin Smith was behind the other stories from Season Two including whenContinue reading “Hit Girl Season Two Issue #9 Recap”

Dead Eyes Issue #1 Recap!

I’m excited about this one. Mainly because it began with a nod to Regina George. I’m getting ahead of myself. Okay betches, we outchea. Let’s talk about Dead Eyes Issue #1 from Image. Another fucking banger from Image. Damn. Are we proud or what? Look. They just wrote it out. These guys were like, listen,Continue reading “Dead Eyes Issue #1 Recap!”

Exorsisters Issue #1 Comic Book Recap

This week sooo many new #1 comic books came out. It’s been hard narrowing down my choice of which one to recap but since I’ve been on an Image/Vertigo/Other kick I decided on the Exorsisters! These hoes were written by Ian Boothby with art by Gisele Lagace and the cover art by Pia Guerra. (JustContinue reading “Exorsisters Issue #1 Comic Book Recap”

Crowded #1 Comic Book Recap

Hiiii. OMG, how are you? I’m fantastic because I just found another comic book series to be obsessed with by Image. This book is called Crowded and it’s a comic book set in the near future like literally, this shit could become a thing next week. Crowded is written by Christopher Sebela with art byContinue reading “Crowded #1 Comic Book Recap”

Rat Queens Special Neon Static: comic book recap

This is a Rat Queens one-off. With a quote “cyberpunk” futuristic story. Idk if you’ve read the original Rat Queens story, but it’s pretty good and if you have not yet, I advise you to check it out. I stole my first volume from a friend and never gave it back. I probably still haveContinue reading “Rat Queens Special Neon Static: comic book recap”

Hit-Girl #4 Recap

AAANNNNDDD SHE’S BACK! Sorry about the hiatus, I discovered bravo on YouTube. Wow, I really do not know my audiences. ANYWAYS THIS WEEK WAS THE SHITSKY. Cause after I read the latest Hit-Girl, I found out this isn’t the last we shall see of little Mindy. No-ho. AND I read Saga #52 which I haveContinue reading “Hit-Girl #4 Recap”

Hit-Girl #2 Comic Book Review

As promised to my three fans, I will be reviewing Hit-Girl #2 this week, Hit-Girl #3 next week and then I think I have to wait like two more weeks till the other one comes out, but I’ll hit ya with anotha one. Maybe I’ll post a thinkpiece about why Hit-Girl is actually the bestContinue reading “Hit-Girl #2 Comic Book Review”