Batwoman #1

I finally strayed from Marvel! Someone get me some sort of award straight away.

While I was perusing my local comic book shop, Forbidden Planet NYC FYI, I saw this bad betch in all of her fake red hair glory and I knew she had to be mine!

The cover art looks like a movie poster. Batwoman is falling gracefully from some high up space with blazing hot red hair, red cape and red boots. Below her are the torsos of 4 ambiguous people who are all giving me “the eye.” Batman is also there. They’re like best friends so that makes sense.

This series is lovingly titled “The Many Arms of Death.” I suppose I will find out why. Not sure if Doc Ock is in this. I highly doubt it, therefore I’m completely out of ideas.

Batwoman reveals that she has been doing Batman’s dirty work for him, tracking down the last seller of monster venom on the international black market.

She’s all super spied out with a mic in her ear that connects her to Pennyworth Jr., a younger, hotter female and tech savvy Alfred. Batwoman has found her target, and she’s sure of it now because after sticking a needle in his arm he turned into a monster. Now she’s gotta kick him in the dick to get information out of him.

Pennyworth senses the danger Batwoman is in and deploys Batwoman’s handy dandy motor bike, which helps Batwoman dodge this monster’s fists. She leads him down some streets in a Jurassic-Park style chase scene, but she eventually defeats him and he reverts back to a regular dude.

Now she can finally get some information out of him, except that he gets stabbed in the eye by one of the floating torsos from the cover. The floating torso has a full body and she’s really bad ass looking. She wears her makeup in a super avant-garde way. Tres chic. Anyways they were apparently underground in some cave, I have no idea when this happened. The eye stabbing lady leaps up and out of the cave through a crack in the wall, as you do. Batwoman decides not to follow her out for some reason. Probably because the cape would have gotten caught in the crack?

No worries though because the eye stabber girl left behind one of her daggers so Batwoman’s got a lead. The dagger was made in a tiny beach town called “coryana”where Batwoman almost drowned back in the day but was saved. She was nursed back to health by a strange and likable enough guy named Rafael. When they make it to Coryana he is the first person to greet Batwoman, but unfortunately he’s been stabbed in the back and is just stumbling around the pier. So the dagger girl must be close by. When weird shit starts happening that’s when you know you’re getting close to the truth.

That was an awesome comic. Good job DC. I know DC and Marvel are like the Mary-Kate and Ashley of the comic book world, very similar, but we all favor one over the other. In this case I felt like that although I’m a Mary-Kate stan, I can find room in my heart for an Ashley. ❤