Pandemica Issue #4 Recap

Alright! Day 183493452987508934820 of social distancing and I am ready to bring to you Pandemica #4! We finally get to find out why crazy De is carrying around a baby everywhere! We left off at the lab full of children and babies. Now Chick and De are finding out why they have a lab fullContinue reading “Pandemica Issue #4 Recap”

Pandemica Issue #2 Recap

We’re back for round 2. The first issue of this comic book by Jonathan Maberry really got me interested in this series, in the second part of the story we find out more about who is behind the Chika-who-da-whats-its virus. And it’s white people. SPOILER. In the last issue we learned that Moses set upContinue reading “Pandemica Issue #2 Recap”

Heartbeat #1 comic book recap

Wow this one is bad. Absolutely nothing happened in it. I’m sure the full story will be good but issue one was just boring. They probably should have made it into a graphic novel because I would need to see it as a full story. That being said, the art was really pretty and itContinue reading “Heartbeat #1 comic book recap”

Watchmen #1 Comic Book Recap

Okay ya’ll, I’m obsessed with the new HBO series Watchmen. And because of this I have decided to go back and re-read the Watchmen series! I was a little rusty on some details and I don’t want to miss the little things they hide in these episodes!! I read this comic for the first timeContinue reading “Watchmen #1 Comic Book Recap”

Hit Girl Season Two Issue #9 Recap

Hit-Girl is finally going to India! I don’t know why I said that. It’s not like we were waiting for her to go to India. Or were we? I digress. Another banger in season two this time from Peter Milligan and Alison Sampson. Kevin Smith was behind the other stories from Season Two including whenContinue reading “Hit Girl Season Two Issue #9 Recap”

Dead Eyes Issue #1 Recap!

I’m excited about this one. Mainly because it began with a nod to Regina George. I’m getting ahead of myself. Okay betches, we outchea. Let’s talk about Dead Eyes Issue #1 from Image. Another fucking banger from Image. Damn. Are we proud or what? Look. They just wrote it out. These guys were like, listen,Continue reading “Dead Eyes Issue #1 Recap!”

Pandemica #1 Comic Book Recap

ERMERGERDD Y’ALL. Once in a while I stumble across a comic book that really gets me thinking. Pandemica is one of those. I was blown away by the awesomeness of this comic book, but when I shared the plot with a friend of mine he said it was a bit too “on the nose” forContinue reading “Pandemica #1 Comic Book Recap”

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy #1 Recap

Hola. Yo soy Comic Book Betch. I’m in a mood today. A mixed emotional one because I’m reviewing a comic book about two bad bitches that I love. THAT’S MY MOTHER FUCKING PROBLEM. I’m not crazy into DC stuff as we all know. I’m like a total hipster now because I’m not all about theContinue reading “Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy #1 Recap”

West Coast Avengers #1 (2018) RECAP!

I’m soooo late. But I’m here, right? So let’s recap West Coast Avengerrrsss!!!!!!!!!!!!! Written by Kelly Thompson Artist: Stefano Caselli Yeh. I’ve recapped some pretty badass indie comics, but you know me and how much I love my Marvel for the money shit. I mean they’re paying the stacks so they’re getting the talent here.Continue reading “West Coast Avengers #1 (2018) RECAP!”

Moth & Whisper comic book recap issue #1

This is gonna be a fun one, guys. I know this one has been out for a few months. The current issue out right now is #3, but I only recap #1 comic books so…yeah, I’m gonna do that. Moth & Whisper by one of my new favorites, Aftershock comics, is about two thieves. ItContinue reading “Moth & Whisper comic book recap issue #1”