Eternals Trailer Breakdown and Analysis!!

Marvel finally released their official trailer for Eternals, the movie that was supposed to come out a year ago, but I guess some shit went down and they pushed it back? Not really sure what made them decide to push the movie back? HMMMMMMMMM Could it have been that disease that killed hundreds of thousandsContinue reading “Eternals Trailer Breakdown and Analysis!!”

Wanda Maximoff AKA the Scarlet Witch can travel through multiverses!

uhhhh what!!! Elizabeth Olsen recently spilled the beans on The Hollywood Reporter‘s Awards Chatter podcast! I mean, this makes total sense considering she will play an important role in the Multiverse of Madness movie. Which will be about… moving through multiple universes. But apparently, at the end of the final episode of WandaVision *SPOILERS* weContinue reading “Wanda Maximoff AKA the Scarlet Witch can travel through multiverses!”

Has Wanda Learned Her Lesson At All? According To This Sneak Peek, NO!

I know we’re all very excited for tomorrow’s episode of WandaVision, but for comic books fans it’s a bit of a slow burn because we kinda already know what’s going to happen. But this is technically the MCU and they could change things up at any moment. First off, there are so many theories aboutContinue reading “Has Wanda Learned Her Lesson At All? According To This Sneak Peek, NO!”

I’m getting back together with my first love

You may not know this, but Spider-man was my first love… When it comes to comic books. In real life it was will smith. But I digress… I just bought so many spider-man books. So this week will now be dubbed Spider-week as it’s all I’ll be reviewing. Sorry not sorry. Next week will beContinue reading “I’m getting back together with my first love”