Episode 25 – If You’re Bill Murray, You Can Do Whatever the Hell You Want *(Mid Season Finale)*


You guys, it’s FINALLY here. 

Tomorrow morning, the ReLadies have to get up before the sun even hits the sky and fly into Nashville for Podcast Movement 2021. We can’t wait to get the hell out of the Chicago filth and put our boots on! Yee haw. 

This week, we got to see the first set pictures from the highly anticipated MCU show – Hawkeye! What a tease. We are absolutely ready to be obsessed with another Marvel show, but only if Disney stops being sketchy with their movie releases and skimping out on people’s paychecks *cough* run Scarlett Johanson her money please and thank you *cough)

Crosshair returned to The Bad Batch this week and we kind of died a little inside. We also are doing full live reviews up on our YouTube of every episode so check them out!

We’ll be taking a little break the next couple of weeks because of the convention and most likely the week long hangover we’re going to have after! Cheers! See you August 23!

Author: Comic Book Bitch

Comedian and comic book enthusiast.

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