So what am I actually reading?!

Since starting this new blog I have recapped a lot of #1 issues, so when did I pick up #2 and so forth?

Well my favorite that I discovered from doing this blog is Scarlet Spider! I’m on #3 right now and can’t wait for #4 to come out and I will most likely continue to read this comic as it comes out. Ben Reilly is just so funny and fucked up. He’s trying to do right after his stint as a super villain, and what a guy! A clone with no real family or friends wants to do the right thing? Easily someone could become evil but he’s out here trying to be a hero. And he’s sooo funny. I could listen to him comment on paint drying and I would love it. 

Another one that I am following up with is Secret Empire, and this is because I have to. I am morally obligated to keep up with this story line. It’s like missing out on the Civil War. I can’t call myself a Marvel fan and have no idea what is going on in the Marvel World like this. A huge story like this only comes along once every few years and it’s a big one. I mean Captain America is a Russian spy. If you’re not reading Secret Empire you are wrong.

What I liked but have been lazy about…

Nick Fury. Now that was an amazing #1. I think I’ll wait until the series comes out into hard-ish cover, or whatever you would call that, it’s weird to call it paperback since they’re all paper backs. This is something I might force my boyfriend or another guy who is not really into comic books to read. I think it’s a good one to get someone into comic books.

MIsfit City. I might also wait for the full series to come out to buy this one. I really want to see how this story goes. Maybe I haven’t continued yet because I haven’t seen #2 at my comic book store yet.

Batwoman. This I haven’t seen #2 at my comic book store yet either, not that I was looking, but I really, really liked this comic book. Maybe I’ll wait for the whole series to come out or maybe I won’t be able to wait. I guess I’ll find out one of these Wednesdays.

What I continued with and kind of don’t care about anymore.

Jean Grey. So I recently picked up #2 and realized that this story is about a little girl who is afraid of her future of becoming a Phoenix. I would probably give this to my niece to read. If she wasn’t a week old, I mean. I don’t know any other children so I have no one to recommend this to.

Weapon X. Meh. This could have been so good and it’s just not. Maybe I’ll give it one more shot. My expectations were so high and I’m just so disappointed.

Elektra. I couldn’t take that arcade storyline. I liked that she was in Vegas but then all of a sudden she was trapped in Murderworld. I think it would have been more fun if she stayed in Vegas.

What I’m looking forward to…

Iceman. I will be purchasing #2. I think this is going to be really good. I missed looking out for it last week, maybe it was sold out? But I will definitely have an eagle eye out for it this week.

So basically yeah that’s it. This week I will be reviewing Defenders #1 and Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #1. I just previously reviewed Cable #1 and my answer to if I’ll be continuing on with that series is in the previous post!

Thanks for reading True Believers!

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2 thoughts on “So what am I actually reading?!”

  1. I agree with you on the Elektra storyline, ugh. Arcade was utterly mishandled there. I like the character, but think he’s only really useful for a one/two issue goofy diversion here and there. The writing of him was really bad and he just wasn’t suitable for a big plot like this.

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