Marvel heroes and villains as Game of Thrones Characters

I know that you all wet yourself a little bit. The greatest list of the best heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe re-imagined as some of the best heroes and villains of Westeros!

Ned Stark – Captain America AKA Steve Rogers

I should start by saying Ned Stark is the Captain America before Cap became all agent of Hydra-y. They’re both driven by the need to do what’s right and just. They both went through early traumas, Captain America losing both his parents and Ned losing both of his siblings. They both spent their youth fighting in a war and because of this, they exude a vibe of “old man who has seen it all.” They’re both giving off heavy dad vibes. Since, Ned is an actual Dad and Captain America is basically the dad of America.

Catelyn Stark – Scarlet Witch AKA Wanda Maximoff

Catelyn and Wanda both love being moms and will do anything for their families. They’re both attractive brunettes that a lot of people want dead, although neither of them seem to be able to be kept down for long.

Robb Stark – Spider-Man AKA Peter Parker

I don’t know if Robb Stark was ever a nerd, probably not, but he definitely has a lot in common with Peter Parker. Stark is very close to his mother and Parker is very close to his aunt. They both seem willing to do anything for the mother/mother figure in their life. They both have shown unwavering loyalty, force of will, bravery, strength, intelligence and are both unswayed by temptation. Their lives both changed when their respective father/father figure’s were tragically killed. They spend a lot of time alone planning out their next fight and are all around “good-guys.”

Jon Snow – Nova

Jon Snow and Nova started out as whiny little teenagers that made poor decisions to fight a battle that wasn’t theirs. Jon Snow started out as a cocky showboat on the wall, while Nova also started out pretty cocky and liked to banter during his early sparrings. Both of them did a 180 and grew up real quick. Jon Snow, realizing he knew nothing, became a brooding yet steadfast warrior. Nova, procures a scar, and all of a sudden he’s a dark and brooding hero, too.

Arya Stark – X-23

Two little girls who are not afraid to murder. They’re both really bad at making friends their same gender and oftentimes, their own age. They spent their childhoods learning to fight and are basically tiny, baby weapons of destruction because of it.

Sansa Stark – Mary Jane Watson

Two gingers who are inexplicably popular with men and basically get passed around like a fetish object to an entire cast.

Bran Stark – Daredevil

Both of these characters suffered a disability at a young age, and both were endowed with a different set of powers because of it. Daredevil lost his eyesight but developed a “radar sense” as well as superhuman taste, smell, hearing and touch senses. Bran lost his favorite past time, climbing up walls, because he eventually got thrown from a tower for being a “peeping Tom.” This caused him to lose his ability to walk, but he also gained an ability of being a “warg” which means he can control the minds of animals. Poster babies for silver linings.

Jamie Lannister – Iron Man AKA Tony Stark

These guys love fame and being wealthy. It really helps them out of trouble sometimes and sometimes it gets them into worse trouble. They both have a streak of arrogance. Of course that changed when Tony was captured by terrorists and when Jamie Lannister lost his hands, they both became a bit more complicated. Still handsome, though.

Cersei Lannister – Mystique

You push these ladies down, they’ll come back stronger and stronger. They’re both masters of seduction and can pull one over on most people, however they often get their comeuppance. I think Cersei maybe a bit more obsessive over her children, but Mystique loves her kids too. They’ve both had children who have turned their backs on their “evil” mothers and each had a child that was so evil it was kind of a relief to see them die. Too soon?

Joffrey Baratheon – Arcade

I wasn’t sure which psychopathic Marvel Villain to go with for Joffrey, then the answer hit me and it was just so obvious. Arcade! They’re both obviously crazy, from the moment you look at them you can tell something is off. Whereas someone like Maximus can pass with his charm, and Purple Man can basically control you to not think he’s nuts, Arcade has it all out and yet he appears harmless. They were both born to wealthy families and act like spoiled, selfish children. And let’s be real, Murderworld sounds like a wet dream for Joffrey.

Tommen Baratheon – Nightcrawler

Maybe Nightcrawler is a BAMF and Tommen not so much, but he’ll get there. Maybe. Both of them have a demon for a parent. Okay Tommen’s parents aren’t actually “demons” but they have demons. Nightcrawler and Tommen are also both extremely religious; at least for a stint.

Myrcella Baratheon – Gwen Stacy

Gwen and Myrcella have a lot in common outside of their untimely deaths. Like the fact that they were just innocent little girls who got killed because of another person’s battle. They’re both really close to their dads, even though one thought her dad was her uncle for a while…

Tyrion Lannister – Beast

The Beast is a brilliant scientist, Tyrion is a brilliant politician. Both struggle with their looks, as the Beast is covered in blue fur and Tyrion is a dwarf. However, the Beast hasn’t had much trouble getting girls, and Tyrion has enough money to pay for them. The biggest thing they have in common is the need to be remembered for the genius within and not the beast on the outside.

Khal Drogo – Warpath

I’m almost too proud of myself for this. They both have amazing names (nicknames and real.) They both like to stay within their tribes. They’re really great at fighting and very strong, but um… they’re both extremely vulnerable to magic…

Daenerys Targaryen – Storm

Stormborn anyone? One can control the weather, the other can control dragons. They’re both scary, beautiful and have white hair and everyone’s best interest at heart. Although, sometimes when they lead they can make mistakes (*cough* pissing off inhumans, *cough* pissing off slave owners), but we rest well knowing every decision these heroes make is because they have the greater good in mind.

Ramsay Bolton –  Maximus.

Ramsay IS Maximus. They’re both family outcasts with psychopathic charm and are conventionally attractive. They’ll cut off all your hair or your genitals and say it was all so they could be “accepted by their families.” Call the wambulance on these bros.  

Sandor Clegane – Hulk

He’s not only a raging beast, he’s also a pretty nice guy.

Gregor Celgane – Juggernaut

Nothing can stop the Juggernaut…or the Mountain.

Brienne of Tarth – Captain Marvel

Brienne of Tarth and Carole Danvers have a lot in common. Carole Danvers has struggled to be seen as an equal to her male peers since her childhood was spent always competing against her brothers. Brienne never wanted to be a noble-woman, preferring the life of a knight. They’re both feminist icons who will be remembered in their respective histories for their individual strides towards equality.

Theon Greyjoy – Hawkeye then Weasel

Theon Greyjoy’s personality did a 180 from the beginning of the game of thrones story to what we know of him know. So I think he may have started out as Clint Barton-esque, definitely talented with a bow and arrow and also a total ladies man. A ladies man who gets slapped a lot. Just like Clint! After Theon’s impromptu castration, he became more like Weasel. Someone who will sell out his friends, but may come through for you when you least expect it.

Lord Varys – Professor X

I wanted to pick a villain, but since Gretchen Weiners is in a different universe I went with Professor X. He knows everything about everyone just like Varys. Plus they both use children to do their bidding and they’re bald! TWINSIES!

Mance Rayder – Magneto

They’re both leaders of anarchy. I think they get a bad rap, the difference between right and wrong is a matter of opinion. Amiright?

Grey Worm – Cyclops

Nice guys finish first, buuuut they have really messed up love lives. Grey Worm is unable to consummate his love for Missandei. Cyclops loves Jean Grey, but he can’t seem to get her to stay alive long enough for them to stay together. Another thing these men have in common is that they’re both leaders to a group of their own peers. I don’t think that Grey Worm is the most powerful of the unsullied, and I know for sure Cyclops isn’t the most powerful X-Man, but there’s just something you can trust about these guys. I’d follow either one of them into battle.

Last and certainly the least;

The sand snakes – The reptilious B.A.D girls, obviously.

Okay my brain hurts. What other Marvel characters would make great GoT characters? Do you agree or disagree with this list? Sound off in the comments below!

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