Jean Grey #1

Pickles is the best name for a best friend in the whole world, hands down.

I was excited to pick up this X-Men spin-off of Jean Grey. This Jean Grey is not the Jean Grey we’re used to. She’s the N00b from back in time when Professor X first started leading a team of dorky teen-agers. The tricky thing is that she has time-traveled with those other dorks from her original X-Men team to present day. And she got a bad haircut. They do not explain the style choice in this issue, however.

She’s like a really moody teenager and doesn’t appreciate anything. I know this because she’s having brunch in Japan and being really mopey about it. Like, are you kidding me? You have a magical demon BAMF named Pickles that will teleport you anywhere in the world for brunch. She must have like, a billion Instagram followers.

But alas, Pickles is only good for one thing it seems and when, conveniently, a group of villains called the “wrecking crew” show up and Jean has to fight them on her own while Pickles eats “pucky” which I assume is knock-off Pocky.

Man, it must be really hard to be a villain in the Marvel Universe. Tough gig. I’ve never even seen a villain get away. For long anyway. I think that’s why superheroes fight each other sometimes. For the small thrill of fighting someone their own size.

If I had powers I would definitely use my powers for evil. But I might turn good if I lost enough times.

One more question I have, Jean Grey does not wear people clothes. She wears green and yellow spandex everyday. Is that because she expects super villains to just pop out of nowhere and she’ll have to bounce into action? Because I think she could have done what she just did in this book in jeans. Cause she uses her mind to fight, I can see how someone who has to use martial arts to fight would need a spandex suit, but I digress. It’s more fun to wear a uniform I’m sure.

She’s been fighting these fools for a while when all of a sudden she starts hearing voices. Which is not that weird of a thing for a psychic, but this time IT’S DIFFERENT.


Spoiler Alert, it’s the Phoenix force and she’s after this young Jean Grey.

But if you read the beginning of this book then you would know that young Jean Grey is not into that idea.

The good news is, The Phoenix inside Jean’s head was enough to distract her totally and the bad guy hit her in the head and got away with the money!

There is hope for my villain career.

Never give up hope children. You can do whatever you want forever!

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